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And after lot and lot of time, finally I uploaded the first Space Image yesterday.
It is not the first image I edited; I started elaborating these type of images in 2006, when I discovered that the raw photos in the Hubble Space Telescope Database are free and not only for professional astronomers.
So, with a plugin specially built for Photoshop by NASA/ESA/AURA, the main space agencies of the world, I could read the black and white images obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope, orbiting around Earth at about 560km of altitude.
Merging together different black and white images of the same object, obtained with filters for different wavelenght, lead to wonderful and colorful images.
My favourite subject are planetary nebulae, because often they are colorful and spectacular.
Usually I start to elaborated images in a "scientific" way, giving to each image the right wavelenght color.
But sometime the result isn't very good, so I start to changing colors to try the combination that more satisfy me.
The final image is not a true color image of the space object, but it is art... from the nature.. from the sky!

Here there is a more detailed description from the ESA website:…

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